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Sunday, November 20, 2011

NICOLE ATKINS / Neptune City [2008]

Nicole is a singer / songwriter from New Jersey.  People that know me will wonder why I’m listening to this but I love it.  It’s kind of Folky in places, and could be accused of bordering on Country at others.  Mostly it’s full of passion and grace.  I hear a bit of The Rolling Stones in there as well.  Her voice is strong and floats atop the music as if on waves that froth and dance against the side of my happy boat.  Listen to the title track and imagine it being used in a David Lynch film; I think that’d work beautifully.  I realise I haven't did a very good job describing this one but this type of music isn't usually my thing so I'm out of my depth.

Songs of Note: Neptune City; Together We’re Both Alone

4 unashamed love of Nicole out of 5

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