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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

CARTER U.S.M / Starry Eyed And Bollock Naked (1994)

Carter used the B-Sides of their singles to try new things.  It made the 7” worth buying.  Kids today think a 7” is a kind of sandwich so give them this instead, it collects together most of the band's flip-sides, and it'll shut the little snotty bastards up for longer.  It’s missing some covers they did but the 18 tracks on offer are as good as anything on the regular albums. What the record company thought a waste of time has become my 2nd favourite Carter album. If you like the band, you need this.

Songs of Note: Re-educating RitaAlternative Alf Garnett *

5 that's Fruitbat’s twin tub, that is out of 5

* Those aren't the studio versions but it's all I could find on failtube.

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