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Saturday, March 10, 2012

KILLING JOKE / Wardance - The Remixes (1998)

I don't know why this exists; I'm guessing Youth had something to do with it as he's a renowned dabbler in other genres.  Like the title says, it features KJ remixes but they’re techno / dance, and are so far removed from the originals that it's hard to see why they weren't given a new name and marketed differently.  Featuring tracks reworked by Deedrah, UX, NIN, Hallucinogen, Man With No Name, California Sunshine, and Johan.  There’s only one name I recognise there (NIN) and it sounds like a half-assed reject from his own Further Down The Spiral album.  The rest are alien to me, as is the music.  I didn’t make it to the end of a single track. If you like this kind of crap then feel free to rate it higher.  I’d rate it lower if I could.

Songs of Note: None.

0 for effort out of 5

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