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Monday, April 2, 2012

NURSE WITH WOUND / Creakiness And Other Misdemeanours (2012)

A new Nurse With Wound album always excites me (and about 4 other people in the world).  This one isn't exactly new material, it’s the Creakiness side of the NWW / Spasm split vinyl LP Creakiness / Firepool (1991), along with various other tracks culled from long out of print 7 " singles.  It’s the usual acid flashback music that makes you want to separate your consciousness from your scumbag brain and float it over a volcano.  Be thrilled by car horns, cat meows, creaking doors, porky pig, fake duck calls, roundabouts and scratchy silence.

Songs of Note: Creakiness (all 17 glorious minutes of it)

3½ say your prayers, meep meep out of 5

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