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Saturday, May 26, 2012

NINE INCH NAILS / Year Zero (2007)

Year Zero is dark, like peering through a smoky looking glass.  It’s also dense and overly-layered making it almost impenetrable.   Interestingly, it lacks the introspective musings that NIN usually offer up, instead it’s a concept album… religious / political nonsense…  America… year 2022 etc.  Boring.  It’s noisy and frustrating; you could argue so was Broken (1992) but at least it was focussed, and knew when to stop.  This goes on forever, dragging me into a state of sensory ennui.  Some rehashed riffs from The Fragile (1999) excite briefly before being lost in the maelstrom.  A few tracks stand out like pillars of light from the flat landscape.  It's a manifesto, and it’s not something I can fall in love with.

Songs of Note: In This Twilight; Zero Sum

2½ I’ll push the goddamn button myself out of 5

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