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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD / Plastic Box (1999)

If you already own the PiL albums you may have overlooked this box, thinking it a worthless Best Of… it kind of is(n’t).  It contains 4 discs.  We get most of the first five albums, minus half a dozen tracks (with some tracks from album number 2 replaced by the 1979 Peel Sessions, they are superb).  The later PiL albums are less well represented but they aren’t very good anyhow.  Elsewhere, we get some alternate 12” mixes, B-Sides, a few tracks culled from compilations and a film soundtrack, and finally the 1992 Mark Goodier Live Session.  The early stuff is remastered and sounds fantastic.  If you’re new to PiL this is the perfect place to start.  If you’re an existing fan it will have rarities throughbout that will make you very happy but paying twice for stuff you already own is never fun.

5 a sexy box but it's still incomplete out of 5

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