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Saturday, September 8, 2012

TYPE O NEGATIVE / The Origin of the Feces: Not Live at Brighton Beach (1992)

The second album from Brooklyn's finest highlights perfectly the wickedly dark humour that critics of their sound failed to recognise.  It’s mostly reworked re-recordings of their debut album, with track titles changed and some fake crowd noises added.  Their contract demanded a live album so they delivered this.
You can clearly hear the gothic Sabbath-esque sound they perfected on the seminal Bloody Kisses (1993) album being born.  Vocalist Peter Steele alternates between his anger fuelled wails and his unique seductive drawl.
The original cover had a close up of Pete's anus.  For your viewing pleasure I chose the re-issue artwork.  You can put away the eye-bleach.

Songs of Note: I Know You're Fucking Someone Else; Hey Peter

4 dead girlfriends out of 5

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