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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OVERKILL / The Years of Decay (1989)

There’s some decent thrash riffs played very straight on TYoD that a lesser band would love to own, but for an Overkill album it’s largely disappointing. Even the production is decent but uninspired for the most part. Three tracks make it essential; two of which are linked below.
Playing with Spiders is a bold departure from the norm but it works; the sluggish Sabbath crawl needs a pair of speakers that can output some hefty bottom end to fully appreciate; that extra oomph makes all the difference.
The third track, which I haven’t linked, is the continuation of the multi-song Overkill saga, E.Vil N.Ever D.Ies. You see what they did there? Gotta love ‘em.

Songs of Note: Playing with Spiders (Skullkrusher)The Years of Decay

3 feet going down out of 5

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