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Saturday, March 16, 2013

MAYHEM / Freezing Moon | THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL / Jihad (2002)

A split release between one of Oslo’s finest, Mayhem, and the less exotic locales of Hertfordshire’s oddest, The Meads of Asphodel.  It’s a peculiar mix of styles.  I can’t imagine how it ever came to be.  Black Metal purists may hate the experimental nature of The Meads (especially their Hawkwind cover).  It’s also uneven.  TMoA added 6 tracks, and Mayhem added only 2, both of which are classic era live rehearsals from ‘91 with Dead on vocals.

Songs of Note: TMoA: The Grisly Din Of Killing Steel / Mayhem: Freezing Moon

3½ oddities out of 5

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