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Saturday, September 21, 2013

KATE BUSH / Aerial (2005)

Kate took some time off after The Red Shoes (1993); it ended up being 12 years but she came back with a double album that’s structured similar to her masterpiece, Hounds of Love (1985), in that it’s split into two distinct halves.
Disc One (A Sea of Honey) is a collection of eclectic and mesmerising songs about life and people that's cryptic and full of hidden depths.  Contrast that with the simplicity and beauty of Kate’s slightly deepened vocal delivery and you’ll discover one the album’s great strengths.
Disc Two (A Sky of Honey) has 9 tracks but needs to be appraised as a whole.  It’s a complex multi-layered arrangement that tells the story of one 24 hour period, a summer day, which may take months or even years to fully appreciate.

Songs of Note: King of the Mountain; How To Be Invisible

4½ spiders of time out of 5

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