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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NINE INCH NAILS / Ghosts I – IV (2008)

The 6th NIN studio album is almost entirely instrumental.  It’s an album that needs abstract analogies to define it but I'm not going to provide them.  The music is like a soundtrack to whatever fleeting thought your mind conjures when it’s given free rein to do so.  As you listen, you'll create the meaning.
It’s split into four parts with 9 tracks apiece.  There’s a specific mood to each of the 4 parts but they’re malleable and can be made to fit the listener’s own ideals and anxieties.  With 36 tracks on offer (38 if you get the expensive edition and reconstruct the extra 2 yourself from the multi-track files) it’s hard to pick just 2 as examples but try these on for size:

Songs of Note: 08 Ghosts I; 13 Ghosts II

4 macro lenses out of 5

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