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Saturday, April 2, 2016

VARIOUS ARTISTS / Gyakuten Saiban 4 OST (2007)

OF COURSE, many of these tracks are re-workings of the mainstays from the central trilogy. Though, much akin to Zelda II, they do receive a new tone and flavor. On the whole, I find what is legitimately new to not be as pleasantly listenable out-of-context as what’s found in the Sound Box. Further, Trucy’s theme is better experienced on the Jazz album. Klavier’s theme, however, is an undeniable original-audio standout and, yes, I am going to posit an aural pastiche as a song of note.

Real talk: unless you’re a completist, pass. In-game is where most of these should be experienced.

2½ Fluffy Frontin' Foxes out of 5

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