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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Kamen Rider Blade Song Collection (2004)

For years I lived under the assumption that only Hajime and Tachibana-san had character songs. Nope. Not only do Kenzaki and Mutsuki have them, so too do Hirose and Shirai! The duet between Kenzaki and Shirai where they sing about being're melting my soul Toei!!! There's also this weird 70s romance movie/80s cigarette commercial song, both OPs, and another Ricky led RIDER CHIPS missive. All amazing. Who really cares about the one meh song that sort of sounds like a 555 leftover, when the rest is perfection?

Songs I Failed to Notice: Wanna Be Strong; HERO

4½ Chances to Find Yourself, No Matter How Far You Fall out of 5

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