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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NINJA SEX PARTY / Attitude City (2015)

When I say this feels stronger than its predecessor, I may be repeating myself but it’s still the fucking truth. The majority of this was doled out piecemeal over the past two years, but complaining about an album made of universally awesome singles is a dick move, especially when the unreleased material includes a five part epic in the vein of Jesus of Suburbia and a song that I feel encapsulates the band moreso than any other. I’m even picking up on some serious thoughts shared covertly via these sex-driven emissions and all I can say is, I feel you guys. I FEEL YOU.

Songs of Note: Why I CryDragon Slayer

5 Shamelessly Manic Depressive Perverts out of 5

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

SKIN CHAMBER / Wound (1991)

Ugly, abrasive Industrial music that takes absolutely no prisoners as it overcomes your senses. It's the work of Chris Moriaty and Paul Lemos, who you may know from the more prolific and better-known Controlled Bleeding. They draw influences from a number of extreme genres, including Doom and Grindcore, and mesh them together into one gritty, poisonous whole. It's the kind of thing that'll appeal to fans of early Godflesh or the more unforgiving side of Swans.

Songs of Note: The Nails of Faith; Healing Time

4 flayed minds out of 5