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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Matrix: Music From the Motion Picture (1999)

This is the antithesis of the film's score (as initially released at retail). Hard rock, electronic music (don't ask me to split hairs on genre terminology; I'm not equipped), metal, and nu-metal mingle to create a really listenable and exhilarating album. Alright, the nu-metal sucks, but it's the Deftones song I can tolerate the most, so I'll allow it. Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Rob Dougan, and Rage Against the Machine. Check, check, check, and motherfucking check.

Everything I need from a licensed Matrix release and a lot more, to be honest, as it captures--no, CREATES--the feel and atmosphere of much of the first movie.

Songs of Note: Mindfields; Wake Up

4 Windows All of Us Have Yet To Look Through out of 5

The Matrix: Original Motion Picture Score (1999)

Straight up, I own this for completion's sake. Nothing here is particularly meaty and in some places it's alternately Looney Tunes-esque and on-the-nose hokey, out of context as it is. I'm fishing for positive things to say, but I do like the subtle bongos/timpani drums at the outset of 'The Hotel Ambush,' before the usual clash, bombast, and drone set in. I'm willing to bet a longer version of this exists, but this release just isn't a pleasing listen, for me. I'd rather watch the movie.

1½ Disapproving Glares Over Being Forced to List the Main Theme As a Song of Note out of 5