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Monday, March 14, 2016


While a few of these songs are too abrasive to be pleasing to my ear, or are disagreeable to me lyrically, a healthy majority find them switching effortlessly between languid, beautiful exhalations and their patently infectious ADHD-hiccuping. The cover art is, consequently, particularly apropos. It’s also worth noting that although many of these tracks are on the lengthy side they never fall entirely into self-indulgent noodle-ing for its own sake. Here, DMB are quite adept at being concise while still not overtly limiting themselves.

Songs of Note: Two Step; #41

3 Voraciously Satiated Appetites out of 5

Monday, March 7, 2016

NINJA SEX PARTY / Under the Covers (2016)

Okay, listen, there’s not much wrong here on a technical level. Danny doesn't embarrass himself vocally. Well, maybe on the Floyd cover. My massive issue with this is the same one I have with his other serious endeavor, Skyhill. For me, Danny is not fit to do bald-faced sincerity. He and Brian are masterful at sneaking it into NSP’s original material, but in the open it’s WRETCHED. You don’t understand the need for Revolutions, Danny? I don’t understand the need for Rush. We’re even. You still rule my world~<3

But seriously, Brian, fuck you for making me listen to Van Halen. Never again.

1 Beautiful Song That Used to Be Free* out of 5

*I don’t mind paying for it. I would have then if I could have.