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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

THE KILLERS / Day & Age (2008)

This is a well-executed album that assuredly means something to plenty of people. People who aren’t me. I personally find that this treads the exact same ground as Sam’s Town, to the point of having the same types of songs dutifully accounted for. When someone comes to this album, or the small nuances and lyrical variations, can make all the difference. Brandon et al. are as funky, creative, and acutely poignant as ever and I’m happy for those who found this outing first, or simply find it preferable to its predecessor.

Song of Note: Spaceman

3 Infectiously Charming Greys out of 5

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

VARIOUS ARTISTS / Gyakuten Saiban Sound Box (2012)

This omnibus release collects the original in-game audio of the Phoenix Arc into three concise discs. When presented as such, it’s clear to see that there are strict checklists in place for each game: trial prologues, variations on the courtroom standard ‘Pursuit,’ character themes, and somber recollection pieces for when the true murderers are revealed. The special releases previously covered on this blog are especially fitting as many of these tracks are either comfortable jazz murmurs or as faux-orchestrated as the sound-chips of Nintendo’s handhelds can manage. And yet, somehow this near-singular, formulaic approach does little to detract when you’re familiar with the personalities associated with each strain and melody.

Does your heart often tire of racing, breaking, and soaring? Mine usually doesn’t.

“4 Games in a Trilogy? Hey, it Worked for DNA.” out of 5

FASTBALL / Little White Lies (2009)

I implore any potential listeners to give this outing more than a single spin, as I rather disliked it on my initial go-round. It struck me as strangely grating and off-kilter. Miles and Tony sing simultaneously more than they ever have previously and are content to be pretty brazen in their just-enough experimentation. They even indulge in some effective meta-musings of the sort the Crows and Fall Out Boy have previously delivered. It took some self-adjustment, but once I was familiar with how to traverse these alternate avenues I found an experience that was as satisfying as it was different. Hopefully others will as well.

3½ Mariachi Cadillacs out of 5

Monday, April 6, 2015

FALL OUT BOY / American Beauty/American Psycho (2015)

The years since Save Rock and Roll released have been remarkably kind, canonizing it as slick, muscled perfection. Early in the game though it may be, Psycho gives it an exhilarating run for its money, violently demarcating this new era of the boys' career, even if they’ve always been on an upward trajectory, in my eyes. It continually comes back to this, but I think it really is the fact that their musical prowess is finally keeping pace with Pete’s ever more stylishly eviscerating lyrics. An arms race being resoundingly won.

Their very own Resident Evil 4 out of 5

Saturday, April 4, 2015

KATATONIA / Sanctitude (2015)

It's basically the Dethroned and Uncrowned (2013) concept extended to include more of the band's back catalogue, as far back as Brave Murder Day (1996).
The reworking means the mood is changed but it's not compromised; the result is no less beautiful. Their being unplugged could just as easily be described as being uncaged; there's an airy freedom under the dark wings, carrying them to less cloudy climes. Katatonia's evolution has been slower and less extreme than Anathema's, but in this instance they're travelling under similar skies.
Silje Wergeland (The Gathering) joins the sausage factory for a memorable rendition of The One You Are Looking For is Not Here.

Songs of Note: A Darkness Coming; Day

5 memories of things out 5

Thursday, April 2, 2015

KATATONIA / Kocytean (2014)

A Record Store Day exclusive E.P. released on 12" vinyl and limited to just 2000 copies. The six tracks on offer were previously available elsewhere, on hard to find E.P.s or as single B-Sides, but they'd never been collected together in such an easily accessible manner before. It's perfect for when you just want a short burst of the bitter-sweet emotion that is the band's forte.
Collectors will enjoy it for its rarity. Fans will enjoy it for its music. Both will benefit because vinyl is, was, and always will be sexier than CD. True story.

Songs of Note:  Why not have it all?

5 gravitations out of 5