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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

VARIOUS ARTISTS / Gyakuten Saiban Sound Box (2012)

This omnibus release collects the original in-game audio of the Phoenix Arc into three concise discs. When presented as such, it’s clear to see that there are strict checklists in place for each game: trial prologues, variations on the courtroom standard ‘Pursuit,’ character themes, and somber recollection pieces for when the true murderers are revealed. The special releases previously covered on this blog are especially fitting as many of these tracks are either comfortable jazz murmurs or as faux-orchestrated as the sound-chips of Nintendo’s handhelds can manage. And yet, somehow this near-singular, formulaic approach does little to detract when you’re familiar with the personalities associated with each strain and melody.

Does your heart often tire of racing, breaking, and soaring? Mine usually doesn’t.

“4 Games in a Trilogy? Hey, it Worked for DNA.” out of 5

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