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Thursday, August 15, 2013

BATHORY / Jubileum volume II (1993)

Vol II suffers from the same thing Vol I did: the songs are structured oddly, meaning the progression that Quorthon's music underwent is lost.
But as before there are some rare and previously unreleased tracks to ensure existing fans double-dip for content they already have. If the music wasn't so damn good, then I'd be hating heavily on the compilation, but I can't score it any less than it deserves. At least Black Mark ended the album with the Twilight of the Gods (1991) material; it works better that way.

Songs of Note: The Return of the Darkness and Evil; One Rode to Asa Bay

4 trips to foreign shores out of 5

TYPE O NEGATIVE / Life is Killing Me (2003)

Happy gloom that conjures mood and atmosphere in the familiar Type O Neg way. Peter Steele knew that you don't need to sacrifice melody in order to add distortion, and while the guitar sound hasn't changed — it still conjures images of an angry wasp on morphine, carrying a tiny shiv — it's broken up occasionally with lighter moments. The humour is still there, too.
It's an album that takes time to fully appreciate. If I'd rated it when it came out, I'd have scored it lower, but it has characteristics that improve with age, like barrelled whisky. It would've benefited from being shorter, but happily there's none of the usual filler between tracks to drag the overall experience down - the trip to Mockingbird Lane doesn't count, because it's great.

Songs of Note: I Don't Wanna Be Me; Angry Inch

3½ celebratory mourns out of 5

QUORTHON / When Our Day is Through E.P. (1997)

Quorthon had the good sense to not release it under the Bathory name.
If only he'd had the good sense to not release it at all.~

Songs of Note: There aren't any.

0 out of 5

VARIOUS ARTISTS / The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)

A soundtrack album that collects together good old Country music songs from the good old comedy film of the same name, which was itself an adaptation of a stage musical. The big draw is that it features the wonderful Dolly Parton, who lends her vocal talents to a number of tracks. She even does a duet with the moustachioed Burt Reynolds! That alone should be reason to check it out.

Songs of Note: A Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place; Sneakin' Around

3 wipes with soap and water out of 5