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Thursday, August 15, 2013

TYPE O NEGATIVE / Life is Killing Me (2003)

Happy gloom that conjures mood and atmosphere in the familiar Type O Neg way. Peter Steele knew that you don't need to sacrifice melody in order to add distortion, and while the guitar sound hasn't changed — it still conjures images of an angry wasp on morphine, carrying a tiny shiv — it's broken up occasionally with lighter moments. The humour is still there, too.
It's an album that takes time to fully appreciate. If I'd rated it when it came out, I'd have scored it lower, but it has characteristics that improve with age, like barrelled whisky. It would've benefited from being shorter, but happily there's none of the usual filler between tracks to drag the overall experience down - the trip to Mockingbird Lane doesn't count, because it's great.

Songs of Note: I Don't Wanna Be Me; Angry Inch

3½ celebratory mourns out of 5

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