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Monday, August 13, 2012

KING DIAMOND / The Eye (1990)

Album number five saw King turn his attentions to the French Inquisition (1450-1670) and the atrocities performed by the 'servants of God'. The music is typical King Diamond. The biggest difference from previous works is the greater use of keyboards, but, happily, they add a gothic, eerie church vibe to the sound that works beautifully with the story. You'll be horrified to learn that it's almost all factual, except for the mysterious 'Eye' of the title.
Andy LaRocque's guitar work is again exceptional, and to the fore. In contrast, the bass is a little too low in the mix. New drummer Snowy Shaw lacked the power of his predecessor. But despite those few niggles, it's another strong KD album.

Songs of Note: Eye of the Witch; Two Little Girls

4 flames will soon devour out of 5

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