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Saturday, February 18, 2012

JOHN LYDON / Psycho's Path (1997)

After the less than interesting final few PiL albums, I was hesitant to get a Lydon solo work. But I can happily say that it's good! It's like old PiL in places, played in a more electronic style. The groove and textures may surprise long-time Lydon fans but the level of innovation is exciting. There are some less than stellar tracks, though, and some very dance-friendly tracks that don't really go anywhere, but most of it is worth attention. Lydon was forced by Virgin to add some crappy remixes by Leftfield and The Chemical Brothers, among others. I thought Virgin would have known better after their experience with the Sex Pistols.

Songs of Note: Grave Ride; Dog

3½ it's not a real world out of 5

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