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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GREEN DAY / Nimrod [1997]

After going on a 2 year hiatus following the back to back releases of Dookie & Insomniac and over 2 straight years of touring the world, pop-punkers Green Day returned with 1997's experimental Nimrod.
Throwing strings, horns, harmonicas and ballads into the mix, Green Day appeared to be maturing in their songwriting and attitude. With the exception of a few crude songs scattered into the playlist, the album is a step into a different direction that was a bit much for a lot of fans who wanted more of same bouncy melodies related to masturbation and getting high.
Jam-packed with 18 songs, Nimrod is a bit much at times but with a few edits it could have been another near-perfect album.

3½ No Doubts out of 5

Songs Of Note: The Grouch; Uptight

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