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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

THERAPY? / A Brief Crack of Light (2012)

Therapy? did it again. They give an album of reinvention that sounds new but somehow remains unmistakably Therapy?. Beneath the experimentation is the jangly guitar, the infectious bass riff and 'that' drum sound that they're known for, but it's also bursting with outside influences. Pop sensibilities work in tandem with Post-punk ideals, not against it as you'd expect. It's a bleak listen at times, surprisingly heavy in others, occasionally upbeat (Marlow sounds odd placed where it is in the running order) but is without a doubt a rewarding listen and a triumphant return to form. I'm happy the guys are still belting stuff out.

Songs of Note: Living in the Shadow of the Terrible Thing; Why Turbulance

4 dead hands and treacle feet out of 5

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