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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GREEN DAY / International Superhits [2001]

While on a much needed hiatus after hating each other's guts to the point of punching one another out, Green Day released the obligatory greatest hits package aptly titled International Superhits.
Packaging all of the Berkley pop-punker's 19 radio singles plus 2 unreleased songs seems like it's acknowledging the end of an era. Without any remastering (most noticeable on the Dookie singles here), any imagination in the track orders and the absence of anything from their first 2 albums makes Superhits a bit of a miss for any dedicated Green Day fan that all ready owns all the albums but a great compilation for housewives and little girls to sing along to.

2 lazy asses out of 5

Songs Of Note: Maria; Poprocks & Coke

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