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Monday, August 6, 2012

SKYCLAD / Tracks from the Wilderness E.P. (1992)

A Thin Lizzy cover, two non-album tracks unavailable elsewhere, and three live tracks recorded during '92 at the Dynamo-Open Air in Eindhoven make up this rather average E.P. Walkyier and crew, with their violin and fervent sense of timing, manage to make the TL cover sound like Skyclad through and through, but the first new track is unexciting; part acoustic and part boring. The second reminds more of Sabbat. I liked it best. With the exception of the TL song, there's little on the E.P. that will appeal to anyone other than existing fans.

Songs of Note: Emerald; When All Else Fails

2½ unfulfilled wishes out of 5

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