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Saturday, August 25, 2012

KATATONIA / Dead End Kings (2012)

Dead End Kings is the biggest shake-up in the Katatonia sound since Discøuraged Ønes (1998). It's more mellow than usual - there's even cello and piano.
Don't worry, though, despite the changes it's still unmistakably Katatonia at heart. It has the majestic melancholy and decaying beauty that we've come to expect from them firmly placed, it's just more refined.
New bass player Niklas Sandin gets his sound high in the mix; he fits in well. The swelling guitars are still evident but less predictable than usual. It's the same but different and, frankly, I'm very pleased with that.

Songs of Note: Buildings; Leech

4½ concrete skies out of 5

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