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Sunday, December 1, 2013

ALICE COOPER / DaDa (1983)

Alice’s 15th album is… well… it just is.  It’s ignored by most fans and by Cooper himself who created it during his alcohol daze, but it’s not a total washout.  Its merits lie in the fact that it’s more interesting than it is exciting.  The lame synth and computer experimentation are the biggest problem but there's occasional flashes of the lucid Alice that raise a few songs high above the blandness.
Former Lee Warmer is a classic Alice ballad, eerie, volatile and beautiful.  Scarlet and Sheba has the beginnings of the sound he’d adopt for his sober comeback album a few years later.  New arrangements on the remainder could give them the kind of heartbeat they deserve, but that isn't likely to happen.

Songs of Note: DaDa; Former Lee Warmer

1½ twisted keys out of 5

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