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Monday, July 8, 2013

CURRENT 93 / Horsey (1997)

An album that brings together many of the facets that C93 have explored over the years since their conception: the experimental, the acoustic, the abrasive industrial guitar drone, the neo-folk pastoralism, beauty and horror, and Tibet's unique, esoteric poetics that are delivered like some kind of informed, unconscious voice that guides the listener through a chaotic dream state. If you've ever had a dream spiral out of control, you'll understand what I mean.

Note: four of the six tracks on offer were originally released on a triple album (split release with Sol Invictus and NWW) that was limited to just 2000 copies. The two additional tracks are live recordings.

Songs of Note: The Death of the Corn; The Tree

4 breaking sounds out of 5

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