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Thursday, May 17, 2012

MOTÖRHEAD / Overkill (1979)

The classic Motorhead line-up gave us the classic Motorhead album.  It opens with a drum track that would make Jesus weep, it’s that good.  Lemmy’s bass kicks in after a few seconds and thunders along like Odin on a pub-crawl.  Then the guitars break, shredding the air like the pains of Osiris slain.  Motorhead ooze gritty talent, and the Gods pay attention.  Lemmy rasps his way through punk infused classic rock tunes that never get old.  You'll be listening to this still when they drag you off to the old folks home.

Songs of Note: (I Won't) Pay Your Price; I'll Be Your Sister

4 what's that on your face? out of 5

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