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Monday, May 21, 2012

OINGO BOINGO / Only A Lad [1981]

With folks like Mr. Bungle, Nirvana, Joss Whedon, blink-182, Seth MacFarlane, No Doubt, Primus and even Sir Patrick Stewart speaking highly of Oingo Boingo it's a wonder why they were never that popular.  
Well praised through the artistic crowd, the dance pop band blended ska, new wave, punk and even chamber music to create the unique sound  frontman Danny Elfman would later on embellish with his film scores.  Their debut album (as a rock band) 1981's Only A Lad was filled with touchy lyrical subjects such as pedophilia and masturbation all put to catchy nerd rock.  The Boingo haven't quite established their sound on this album and are still lingering on their theatrical style from before but it's a great start.

3½ Kinks out of 5

Songs Of Note: Only A LadNasty Habits

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