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Saturday, May 19, 2012

CHRIS REA / God's Great Banana Skin (1992)

Rea delivers his usual brand of slick, moody guitar, soft piano, blues rock on GGBS. Coupled with his distinctive dusky vocals, it'll either sate you with old-man tranquillity or quickly induce a comatose state. If you're in the former camp, there are some quality tracks - the kind that would fit comfortably on a supermarket Best of... compilation. It's half great and half boring (hooray for the >| button), but the title track alone will make it worth a purchase for many folks.

Note: Album is not available for purchase in the USA. Some tracks made it on the US version of Espresso Logic (1993) though.

Songs of Note: God's Great Banana Skin; Soft Top, Hard Shoulder

2½ fruit allegories out of 5

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