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Thursday, November 28, 2013

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. / The Futurist (2005)

When it comes to RDJ, I’m a poseur at worst and an ultra-specific fan at best. I keep this around because I like the idea of having a Tony Stark album. I find a lot of the lyrics to be needlessly florid and while the jazz-y arrangements and vocals are interesting they don’t speak to me in any significant way. There’s a song or two clearly inspired by his personal tribulations and a very nice chess metaphor, which strangely devolves into a completely out-of-place refrain of Give Peace a Chance. Beyond that, my biggest joy comes from a verse that smacks of Robert having played Silent Hill 2.

If you can appreciate dreamy jazz-pop and want to hear the Downes sing, you could do worse, I guess?

Songs of Note: Your Move; Details

2 Piano-Top Scribbles out of 5

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