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Thursday, January 2, 2014

STARBOMB / Starbomb (2013)

Egoraptor and Ninja Sex Party rapping about video games. Yep.

I love Arin. I do. He even manages to flow to an amazingly competent degree. As slightly miffed as I may be about the errors he’s made regarding the lore of Mega Man and Final Fantasy VII, the biggest problem is that I don’t think half of these tracks hold up to repeated listens. I’ve listened to the NSP albums endlessly and the songcraft is infinitely stronger, insulating the gags from premature expiration. As a final complaint, it’s worth noting that even though I know Ninja Brian is behind the boards he feels depressingly absent because he isn’t spoken to directly and this normally highlights his reactions to Danny’s tomfoolery.

2½ Godawful Ends out of 5

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