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Monday, January 6, 2014

THE JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU / 1987, What the Fuck is Going On? (1987)

The début album by The JAMs (later the KLF) will be hard to find in its original incarnation because every unsold copy was ordered destroyed by the MCPS; the reason being that the work is constructed from unauthorised samples from a large number of sources. THAT was the point. It was pushing "plagiarism to its absurd conclusion" in the best way possible, through musical and social juxtaposition.
It’s a collage of everything that was supposed to be good and everything that was genuinely bad about the era, and its existence brought that same focus to the fore in everyone that heard it and how they reacted to it.
The JAMs didn't care about profit, they cared about the JAMs, and in all probability they'd give you the album free if they could. But for now, YouTube it instead.

Songs of Note: Links are periodically obliterated. Do a YT search.

3 applecarts out of 5

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