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Friday, May 22, 2015

PINK FLOYD / The Endless River [2014]

By sifting through over 20 hours of unused material from their Division Bell sessions, David Gilmour & Nick Mason set out to create Pink Floyd's swan song with 2014's The Endless River.
Made up of mostly instrumentals, with only a handful of them clocking in at over 3 minutes, the album is broken up into 4 distinct parts all of which thrive on that classic Floyd sound, which is a bit dated in this day and age.  Gilmour's bluesy guitars still ring out like stark teardrops, Wrights new-age keyboards swirl with warmth and heart while Mason's drumming is still heavy but subtle enough to never overpower the relaxed ambience.  It's got all the ingredients of a great Floyd album but instead it mostly feels like the echoes of noodling around, like sleepwalking backwards into time.  It's literally the best of Floyd and the worst of Floyd rolled into a comforting nostalgic yawn.

3 high hopes out of 5

Songs Of Note: It's What We DoCalling

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