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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NOFX / First Ditch Effort [2016]

Spending well over 30 years as the grand-fathers of foul-mouthed pop-punk pranksters NOFX get a little more serious on their 2016 album, First Ditch Effort.
They might not be as instrumentally experimental as they have been on their past few albums and instead they trade it for the strongest vocal harmonizations to date.  They haven't been this aggressively melodic or enthusiastic in over a decade and it kicks ass.  As much as I like them NOFX seems to pump out the same record over and over doesn't make them a staple in my collection.  However when I'm in the mood for their retreaded brand of thrashy pop-punk then it's solid albums like this that are a definite go to.

3½ toasts to Tony Sly out of 5

Songs of Note:  I Don't Like Me AnymoreI'm So Sorry Tony

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