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Sunday, April 2, 2017

FASTBALL / Make Your Mama Proud (1996)

I wonder how many people even know that this exists? As soon as I was on board with All The Pain Money Can Buy, I immediately tracked this down and was blown away by how incredibly different it is from everything else they've done. The majority of what's on display is very fast and somewhat abrasive. That's not to say that the lyrics are lacking. They aren't. They're just carried along by much faster time signatures.

This consequently holds a teenage sense of nostalgia for me that's still able to be married to my long-held standards in regards to songwriting. I've always not-so-secretly hoped that they'd do something like this again, someday. A VERY special record well worth exploring if the songs of note appeal.

Songs of Note: Make Your Mama Proud; Nothing

4 Verses Max Bemis Would Be Proud Of out of 5

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