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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MAGNET / The Wicker Man (1973 / 1998 / 2002)

Alongside the usual film score incidental music, TWM also contains the songs written for the film, some of which are sung by the cast.  While that may sound like a bad idea, if you've experienced the film you’ll understand why they deserve to be included.  Musically it’s dark and beautiful pagan folk that will either lull or repulse you.  One word of warning: Some key tracks contain samples of spoiler dialogue, so it's best if you watch the film first.
I should explain the dates in the title.  It was written in 1973, released in 1998 and subsequently released again with superior sound in 2002.  The 2002 release had less tracks and some minor changes elsewhere but is still the best one to get if all you want are the songs in the best quality.

Songs of Note: Corn Rigs; Willow's Song

5 large, large nails out of 5


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