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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

EMILIE AUTUMN / Fight Like a Girl [2012]

Inspired by her time spent in a psychiatric ward, theatrical violinist Emilie Autumn came up with the idea for the 2012 musical concept album, Fight Like a Girl.
Scaling back the presence of the violin, Autumn focuses more on the glam rock and Victorian cabaret aspects of her music, giving it a full-blown Goth rock opera feel.  The song-writing itself is finely tuned, with the exception of a few weak lyrics scattered about but it's obvious Autumn is feeling very confident with what she out's to prove.  Snuggling in traces of crunchy industrial drones and jittery harpsichord plucks over Autumn's frantic vocals make for a pretty entertaining listen.  Individually the songs don't really work, so if you have the time and patience the album is best heard in it's complete form.

4 asylums for wayward Victorian girls out of 5

Songs of Note: Girls! Girls! GirlsWhat Will I Remember?

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