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Sunday, June 14, 2015

THE LONE BELLOW / The Lone Bellow [2013]

Alt-folk gospel act The Lone Bellow's 2013 debut album makes it easy to draw comparisons to other acts but unlike their peers these guy's sound are fully established right from the get-go.
Through seamless male-to-female vocal harmonies and finely detailed country instrumentations, the trio make the best of their quiet verses and louder choruses with a sound that is perfect for a wide variety of genre radio stations.  The sound is big, bold and boiling over with passion that never goes overboard with melodrama.  My only real qualm with the act is that it's way too finely polished for my tastes, considering I like this sound to be a bit rough around the edges.  I can enjoy it but I'm willing to bet Mom and Dad will enjoy it more.

3½ hearts & duties out of 5

Songs of Note: Tree to GrowYou Can Be All Kinds of Emotional

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