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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SCOTT KELLY AND THE ROAD HOME / The Forgiven Ghost in Me (2012)

Scott Kelly, perhaps better known as front man of Neurosis, has penned a wonderfully introspective semi-acoustic album that sounds nothing like his day job. It more closely resembles the bastard child of Hank Williams, Swans, Tom Waits and Todd Snider. It's full of darkly brooding confessions, accompanied by a strum that's repetitive but intensely purposeful. It's Folk music for when it hits midnight and all you have for company is a bottle of Bourbon.
Some might question why the release is on Neurot Recordings, but I say it deserves to be, and that it deserves an audience.

Songs of Note: A Spirit Redeemed to the SunWe Let the Hell Come

4 stones in the river out of 5

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