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Saturday, September 8, 2012

TYPE O NEGATIVE / The Origin of the Feces: Not Live at Brighton Beach (1992)

The second album from Brooklyn's finest highlights perfectly the wickedly dark humour that critics of their sound failed to recognise. It's mostly reworked re-recordings of their début album, with track titles changed and some fake crowd noise added. Their contract demanded a live album, so they delivered Feces.
You can clearly hear the gothic Sabbath-esque sound they perfected on the seminal Bloody Kisses (1993) album being born. Vocalist Peter Steele alternates between his anger-fuelled wails and his unique seductive drawl.
The original cover had a close up of Pete's anus. For your viewing pleasure I chose the re-issue artwork, so you can put away the eye-bleach.

Songs of Note: I Know You're Fucking Someone Else; Hey Peter

4 dead girlfriends out of 5

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