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Sunday, September 23, 2012

THE SCORCHED EARTH ORCHESTRA / Plays Cradle of Filth (2006)

Can you believe it? A tribute album that's actually fuggin good. For a start, it doesn’t have Dani caterwauling over the music, which my ears tell me is a good thing. It takes the gothic beauty that Cradle of Filth can do well, if they choose to, and applies it in a liberal manner that's purely orchestral. There are no violent drum patterns and ear-bleeding guitars herein. Fans of CoF will be able to recognise the harmonies and avant-garde musical shifts. Whereas everyone else may appreciate it for its grace and splendour. It'd be great in a live setting.

Songs of Note: Nymphetamine (Overdose); Thank God for the Suffering

4 harpsichords in the fog out of 5

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