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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MUMFORD & SONS / Babel [2012]

Rising out of the West London Folk scene, Mumford & Sons' 2012 sophomore album, Babel takes the sound of their debut album and perfects it.
Even though the band is primarily made up of acoustic instruments it doesn't stop them from allowing the songs to build-up and soar into a swirling, majestic finish.  It might work for a few songs but the band seems to fall back on that apotheosis a little too often to really have the same emotional effect past the middle of the album.  Not to say it's a bad thing, far from it actually.  It's just as a continuous album it gets a little tired, however scattered among a compilation, the songs, no matter which one, would no doubt be a highlight of that mix.

4 hearts in glass out of 5

Songs Of Note: I Will WaitBelow My Feet

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