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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

EL-CREEPO! / Aloha [2012]

Polkadot Cadaver frontman Todd Smith aka El-Creepo! goes solo for a second time in 2012's Aloha.  Carrying the relaxed & soothing, yet strangely creepy, sound of his work with The Alter Boys, Smith sounds more sure of himself and stronger as a solo songwriter than he did on his 2009 effort.  What's nice about El-Creepo! is he puts the genre-hopping of his group projects on the back-burner and focuses more on the just writing good songs with interesting song structures.  Not to say there aren't traces of multiple styles because there is.  I think it's just naturally in Smith's songwriting blood.

4 throat gurgles out of 5

Songs Of Note: A Town Called Tribulation; Cottonwood River

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