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Thursday, November 1, 2012

THERAPY? / Suicide Pact - You First (1999)

An uncompromisingly dark and angry release, fuelled by burned-out drug abuse and label trouble. It lacks the radio-friendly riffs of the previous two albums; not because they failed to deliver them, but because they no longer wanted to.
Instead, they unleashed a fuzzy, noisy tirade that made them remember why they were Therapy? in the first place. It pleased many fans of the earlier albums and E.P.s but left almost everyone else cold.
Cradled within the noise is the magnificent Six Mile Water. It's a quiet track that gets under your skin in a similar way that the ballad from Nurse (1992) did.

Songs of Note: He's Not That Kind of Girl; Six Mile Water

3½ cups of poison joy out of 5

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