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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

BLACK LIGHT BURNS / The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall [2012]

5 years later, due to obligations with Limp Bizkit & Marilyn Manson, Wes Borland finally returns to his Black Light Burns project with a sophomore effort, 2012's The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall
A quirky hybrid of nu metal, industrial & punk music, BLB cranks up the distortion on the bass and doesn't take it self as seriously as on 2005's Cruel Melody.  Borland's allowed his songwriting skills to organically flow & loosen up and it really shows for the better.  Clocking in at over an hour might be a bit much for some folks but for anyone who's been anxiously waiting 5 years for a new album will be pleased.

4 chapters out of 5

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