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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NO DOUBT / Push And Shove [2012]

After the initial shock and disappointment wore off with 2012's Push And Shove not being the nerdy ska-rocking No Doubt I was hoping for, I thought I'd come back to this album and give it a fair listen before Nutting it.
11 years after their last album, No Doubt come back in fine looking form with just the right amount of enthusiasm, confidence and drive to avoid sounding over the hill, with the exception of vocalist Gwen Stefani's groanworthy lyrics, who at times sounds like just like Madonna.  Comparisons to the Material Girl don't stop there, as the album is essentially a dance pop album.  Quality dance pop, but none the less dance pop, which simply just isn't my thing at all.  

3 hilariously banned music videos with Injuns out of 5

Songs Of Note: One More SummerPush And Shove

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