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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

YEAH YEAH YEAHS / Mosquito [2013]

Post-punk dance act Yeah Yeah Yeahs' fourth album, 2013's Mosquito pushes the electronic textures into the background and brings out the standard guitar & drums, without sacrificing the dancefloor catchiness they're known for.
The songs teeter between frantically captivating to sublimely off-beat with some tracks being the best the group have ever penned to some of the least interesting they've ever mustered up.  I respect that Karen O & teh boys have stuck to their roots, unlike some of their peers in the genre but Mosquito is simply a mixed bag of quality that could have used just a bit more time to fine-tune the weaker areas.

3 percussive railroad tracks out of 5

Songs Of Note: SacrilegeBuried Alive [feat. Dr. Octagon]

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